Picking Up Product from a Boral Yard


Pick-up times:
Pick-up is available from our roofing yards from 9am - 2:30pm Monday – Friday. Please contact us before picking up your order to ensure we can have it ready for you and make any necessary arrangements. We may allow pick-up earlier than 9am in certain situations. Please contact us for more information.

* Please note: any customer entering a Boral yard MUST wear fully enclosed footwear.

Pick-up loading information: 
Due to weight and loading restrictions, your standard garden trailer may not be suitable to pick up product from our yards. If your trailer is not marked with load specifications you can only load a maximum of half a pallet of roof tiles.

Compliance plates will dictate load limits of trailers. If there are no compliance plates our staff will advise loading options.

Vehicle Loading Restrictions:
Load restrictions and regulations also limit the amount of product we are allowed to loose load into vehicles. Approved safety barriers may be required. Please check with Customer Service for further details.

Further restrictions may apply

  • Loose load quantity limits

  • Size of load versus towing capacity

  • Suitability of trailer/vehicle to safely carry the load

  • Correct use of containment and restraining devices

  • Trailers without brakes or compliance plates will be restricted in their loading capacity

In the interests of safety, we will only load vehicles that comply with the above. Please contact Customer Service for further information.

Pallets – Pick-up:
Most products are packaged on pallets. We do not require a pallet deposit but we do ask that you return all pallets to our roofing yard or contact us to arrange a pallet pick-up. If you are picking up product, and the quantity is under half a pallet, (depending on your product) we may allow loose loading of product to your vehicle or trailer. Conditions apply.