About Us

LUTUM (formerly Boral Roofing and Masonry) is a leading Australian innovative and sustainable building products company. LUTUM has been an integral part of the Australian building and construction industry for over 50 years. We specialise in designing, manufacturing, distributing, and installing designer ceramic, terracotta and concrete roof tiles, concrete blocks, bricks, paving and retaining wall products.

Our proud roofing history results from the merger of Clark Tiles acquired by Boral in 1982 and Montoro Clay which started in 1987 and was acquired by Boral in 1990. Our masonry business started in Adelaide in1960 as Hollostone, which Boral acquired in 1975. 


Today, LUTUM has manufacturing operations in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. Three concrete roofing tile plants are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. A terracotta roofing tile plant located 2hr north of Sydney servicing the national market and export. A Dry Press Masonry plant located in Adelaide.

LUTUM is committed to building on our great Australian manufacturing heritage and leading market position to provide you with the best in roof tiles and masonry products for Australian consumers and builders.

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