Why Choose
LUTUM Roofing?

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Complete your home with quality street appeal

LUTUM roofing provides a high-quality look and finish to your home.

As the single largest surface area, your roof not only protects but also provides immediate ‘street-appeal.’

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing pitched roof, LUTUM’s range of unique designs and colour profiles gives you a choice to individualise and complement your entire home.

Enduring performance
to protect you and your family

An Australian made LUTUM roof is designed to perform and protect you against our harsh weather conditions for its entire life.

Compared to other roofing, a LUTUM roof is super quiet. The density of LUTUM roof tiles helps reduce external sounds such as aircraft and road noise and particularly rain, hail and wind.


In fact, LUTUM roof tiles have potential sound reduction twice that of steel roofing.

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A LUTUM pitched roof is
cool and sustainable

LUTUM roofing is sustainable now and into the future.

LUTUM roof tiles are remarkably sustainable and have a lower total embodied energy compared to other roofing materials.

The thermal mass of a pitched LUTUM roof when used with sarking, solar design principles, and wind-driven ventilation (‘whirly birds’) helps keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reducing your need for air-conditioning and heating, your power costs and your environmental footprint.